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Originally Posted by Tiger View Post

We are highly compatible, except we have a very hard time sleeping in the same bed together. : /

Im the worlds lightest sleeper and its very hard for me to fall asleep, she moves around a lot and hardly sleeps any anyway. But sometimes we do something magical and we sleep like rocks all night, but we havent been able to figure out what the trick is.
Haha!! Sounds just like my bf and I (I have woken up many times to find him either back through in the front room coz he couldn't sleep,or still in bed but with ALL the covers bundled around him & his knees up in the air)

Only advice I can think of is maybe incense/scented candles that could help you fall asleep easier. But mainly you just need to ride it out - eventually you'll get used to each other's sleeping pattern/arrangement and YOU will become less of a light sleeper, and SHE will prob stop fidgeting as much.

If all else fails....twin bed!! :grin:

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