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5 string bass

Gear/Guitar Wanted: 5 string bass.
Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): always brownie points
Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Hubbard, Ohio
International OK?: If your paying for shipping.
Contact Info (No Phone #s):
References Required (eBay or other forum userid): teqnick
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): up to 500USD


4 strings
6 strings

Trade bait would be an Ibanez 7321 in great shape with dimarzio air norton neck pickup and dimarzio d-sonic bridge installed.

Help me out guys!!
Life kicked me in the balls and my bass player is going to the airforce and now I have to take over bass for the band, he sold me his Warwick rockbass 5 string for 100 bucks in mint condition and I bought an ampeg BA115 for 335 bucks from the local store. I just need a bass that I can use as a gigging bass that is sexy and lovable and huggable and stuff stuff.
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