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Originally Posted by Marv Attaxx View Post
I'm stil having a hard time to record some nice tones with my pod xt
Sounds awesome through my amp, clean stuff sounds recorded really nice but the high gain stuff sounds fizzy and way too hard (yeah, I tried to turn down the drive but then it sounds really thin).
Got no idea what to do now
Could someone of the "pros" here (Bulb, Greg, Chris, Drew and all the other dudes with kickass recordings) please post a detailed tutorial?
Gear, Software, Set-Up, how you wire things up??
That would be awesome guys!
You'd be helping a lot of recording n00bs like me to finally record their ideas
"Turn down the gain" seems to be the official panacea for all tone related problems around here. But, if you want a really thick, saturated sounding metal tone, this advice will only lead to hours of knob turning induced frustration. This is especially true for all the djent tones. While they work for their intended purpose, they generally sound like crap for slow to mid-paced stuff (Sabbath, CF, Electric Wizard, etc,).

What you want to do, if you want a thick, saturated sounding metal tone, is to use the 4 Band EQ to kill the fizz. Depending on the kind of tone you like, you need to get in their and kill the fizz at anywhere from between 5.1 kHz - 7.0 kHz. Do this by simply cutting it at the maximum, which is like 12.6 dB I believe.

You might also want to consider pumping your tone at 2.2 kHz and 3.2 kHz as well. I found that by doing this, I found I could get rid of a lot of that "flub" sound that was driving me crazy.

There's also a sticky called "know a lot about recording heavy guitars". You should read it when you get a chance. 99% of it is just useless sarcasm and adolescent name calling, but the chart explaining what frequencies relate to what tone-wise should be a big help.

You might also want to learn the ins and outs of doing low and high end passes to filter out most of the extraneous low and high end frequencies as well.
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