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Originally Posted by AustinW90 View Post
No, the people responsible for the atrocities should be punished.
The people responsible for the "atrocities" were doing their jobs. Did you bother watching the full unedited 39 minute version that clearly shows them holding their fire when they can readily see that children are present?

What is so crystal clear to you in that video, obviously wasn't to the men serving that day. I love how the arm-chair quarterback peaceniks come crawling out of the woodwork every single time something happens over there. It's a war. Mistakes happen. Collateral damage happens.

If you want a separate thread to bitch and moan about the reasons for being in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, then make one. This thread is about ONE guy, that took upon himself to do what he thought was the right thing. In doing so, he went outside of his chain of command, training and security protocols. Noble or not, he needs to be punished and their internal security protocols and screening process needs an update.
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