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just tried a splawn for the first time over the weekend. I tried out a quickrod (with ELs) through a Engl 4x12, and it is a formidable setup. couple of things that are a bit different, the clean channel only has EQ controls for bass and treble, no mid knob. though that said it sounded really good. the OD channel has 3 "gears", that are supposed to simulate plexi (gear1) JCM800 (2) and hotrodded JCM800 (3). the nitro has the same clean channel as the quickrod and then gear 3 of the quickrod, though voiced a bit different. both amps have a footswitchable solo boost iirc.

the gears are footswitchable, but only 2 at a time, which kinda sucks imo. so if you have the amp set at gear 1, then you can toggle back and forth between 1 and 2 with the footswitch, or gears 2 and 3 if the amp is set to gear 2, but you can't toggle between all 3 with just the footswitch.

tone was good though, and the aesthetics are pleasing. I love how splawn have so many options available to customize the looks of amps and cabs.

I certainly got the impression that there was plenty of low end on tap, makes me wonder if the nitro would be a bit of overkill for 7 string stuff, as it's supposed to be voiced more in the lower mids whereas the quickrod is voiced more in the upper mids. both amps are supposed to kind of overlap each other though, so you can get similar tones out of each one to a point. the employee I was chatting with at the shop runs a nitro setup with KTs tuned to D, fairly new setup, and he's wondering if he made a mistake getting the KTs vs. the ELs. it was so nice going to a shop where the employees are really knowledgeable about the gear...such a nice break from my local guitar center (Dave's Guitar shop, LaCrosse, WI)

killer setup dude
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