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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Interesting... So since we're using our college educations to evaluate the validity of each others' arguments, if you can show me one place in this thread where either I or the article "spun it like he's the first president to skip Memorial Day at Arlington" your argument may establish some sense of credibility. I know he's not the first and I know he wont be the last. I just think that as Commander in Chief of the military it sort of becomes an important event on the annual calendar. I don't like it that Obama did it, just as I don't like it that Bush did it.
I realize you don't like having your .... called out, but lets read my post again:
First, I said there was nothing wrong with what he did.

Second, maybe I wasn't clear with what I meant, if you're gonna argue semantics and implications, where did I say you said that? You're acting like this whole go-to-chicago-thing is some big-ass revelation. "Holy ...., he missed memorial day!" --like this is a completely unique travesty of the Obama administration, so is everyone else who's making a big deal about it. He didn't miss it. He did something else, and went to a different cemetery closer to his home, a VA Cemetery in Illinois.

And ,if you want to bring up the article, it makes no mention of the fact that this has happened with just about every other president. Its selectively leaving off that info, and we're stuck with people reading it and acting like its a big deal.
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