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Originally Posted by ChrisLetchford View Post
No, thankfully I didn't make that one. It's a 1993 Custom Conklin Tele 8 String. The second 8 string they made.

Looked phenomenal.
Played phenomenal.
Sounded like crap.

I'll be the first to stand by anyone who says that pickups make up 95% of the tone for any guitar (because it really does, acoustic guitars not included of course), but in this rare case, not at all. I tried all sorts of combos and ideas for this guitar as far as the electronics went. The outcome was the same. The main body wood on this guitar is Lacewood (and then walnut/maple/purple heart melted top, maple fingerboard, maple/zebra wood neck - all very dense woods).... probably just the piece for this individual guitar, but even unplugged it had zero sustain and volume acoustically. It was a huge bummer when that guitar played so well! I tried to make it work.
Aw, that stinks

Just did a quick check, I was confusing that giant beast for the Tele that you had built from scratch but apparently that ones a six-string and has an awesome quilt to it.
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