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Things are really moving now! I think I'm over the major hurdles.

Milling the new front edge of the bridge relief.

Boring one of the 10mm holes for the body inserts.

On this milling machine, I only have room to work on one side of the body. I had to turn it around & set up all over again to do the other side.

Milling the other side. The other hole is already bored at this point because I left the machine set up for boring as I switched sides. I ended up slightly off on the setup compared to the first side (still pretty damn close). This is a powerful machine that can wreck a lot of stuff in very little time! I decided to stop machining at this point, and fix up the cosmetic difference by hand with a file later.

I got this piece of mahogany at Rockler's for about a buck. Here I am cutting the patch blocks I will need on the bandsaw. I also did some rough shaping of the blocks on a belt sander.

Here you can see how I milled the freehand bridge relief butcher-job close to square just to make my patching easier. Also the new holes for the body inserts, and front edge of the bridge relief.

Ready to install the body inserts, check the fit of the bridge, and glue some patch blocks in. I'm excited!

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