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Originally Posted by Krullnar View Post
Could you write that up on a chalkboard for us?

Blame the cops for being lazy, blame the cops for being pussies, blame the people that cross the border for a better life... anything but blaming the the system in place that for all intents and purposes welcomes illegals into the country and gives them an income and a better quality of life as an illegal alien in the US than as a legal citizen of their own countries.

Let's just round em up and ship em out! Drill baby drill!
Dude, I'm not blaming the cops for being lazy, I'm speculating on the reasoning behind some of them opposing the law. See the distinction? I don't know them personally, I can't say what their *real* motives are. Because you agree with them, you feel it bolsters your argument that they're right, that the law is bad, or wrong. What about the cops that *do* support it?

What of them? Are they the insane ones? Are they wrong because they think it'll help? Are you saying every single cop in AZ are saying unanimously that it's wrong and therefore should be repealed? If so, I hadn't heard that bit of news yet.

And no, to be honest I don't blame the people that want a better life for themselves provided they (in my opinion, and if I had my way) did the three things I listed which by my estimation aren't even vaguely unreasonable. If they want a better life for themselves they should think before acting. Before taking the *easy* road, that has become so god damned easy because people will gladly let them leech off of our system. As I said, for every few that are here to actually work, contribute and make our society a better place, there are vast numbers of others who gladly think they're entitled to a better station in life simply because... well... that's how they feel. That sense of entitlement is wrong in my eyes.

Immigration is a big issue, if you think the answer is one law, repealed or not, or one bit of action, or inaction, you're wrong. This law is just making life tougher for law breakers, how anyone could be against that is beyond me. And moreover, if you want to fix immigration you take steps. This law is a step. Getting other states on-board and eventually forcing the fed to crackdown further is another step. Another one after that is cracking down on employers who exploit their labor. Another step will be legalizing drugs so the cartels won't have a nation by it's balls. Another step would be a cheap and easy path to legal citizenship, again (if I had my way) provided the prospective citizen could demonstrate their willingness to work, assimilate and not send every penny they get right back across the border.

But hey, if you think it's all black/white, republican mantra vs. democrat, that's your business.
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