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Originally Posted by BigPhi84 View Post

What's interesting is that the Korean Wizard II and Indonesian Wizard II feel different to me. (I don't know why this would be, maybe they didn't transfer over the CNC programming when they opened the new factories ).
Yeah they totally are different. My Korean Wizard II has a scarf joint for the headstock and the profile is much more curved than my Indo Wizard II (which I dislike so much I'm getting rid of).

Originally Posted by BigPhi84 View Post
I tried some of the new 24-fret Indo S-Series and they were very C/D-Shaped. I was sorta impressed with that. Also, the Indo RGD320 I played wasn't as shoulder-bulgy as I thought it would be.
I guess now I assume all factory Ibanez guitars from Indonesia will suck with those crappy 2x4 necks. You're saying they weren't 2x4 necks?

Coincidentally I like the RG762x / 742x necks better than the Prestige 7 necks...
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