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Originally Posted by MaxOfMetal View Post
Though the economy doesn't do too well when illegal immigrants are sending the bulk of their paychecks back to their country of origin. Nor when we (the US) has to pay for social programs, as well as miss out on potential tax revenue.

It's all interconnected.
I see what you are saying but it takes a lot more than just that for the economy to decline. Again, I don't agree they should do that. I also think that social programs should be available but much more limited in order to reduce dependency. On the other hand, if these people can pay a fine for breaking the law, and have a permit that will allow them to drive, work, study, and open a bank account, they will be able to pull themselves by their own bootstraps, pay taxes and become productive members of society like you and I. Let's also keep in mind that there is a significant sector of undocumented people of medium & upper medium class who came here legally and support themselves through their businesses and study paying out of state tuition. Therefore, they have no government dependency or need to send money back. What a reform could do for them is provide opportunities for business to grow and start actually provide employment.

Just saying...

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