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I have decided to start my own business

Some of you might have seen this thread:Commercial Film Score.

Composing music for any kind of commercial use, wheter advertisements, phone waiting-lines or what ever, has always been in my head. As far as I can imagine, or at least as I assume and hope, this field seems to be one of the last ones in which there's actually money to be made by making music.
I have done some some similar jobs in the past on a semi-pro basis, some with pay, some without, but lately I have become more serious about it and I have a small portfolio together to show.
I think by the time I became quite good at it, and I'm ready to take the next step.

My goal is to get the business running by first concentrating on telephone waiting-line stuff.
There are tons of small businesses which have their main connection to the outside world through the telephone, but still use the boring beep-beep tone.
Also, as the piece of music will be played through a really bad mono-speaker anyway, there is no need to really get the highest-possible production quality.
Also, as I don't really have a network yet of very good studio musicians,
I have good chances to do most of the jobs by only using VST's and synths (of which 99% of commercially used music consists anyway).
But nevertheless, I don't have enough opportunities at the moment to also offer vocals, for example. But that shall change sometime, I think.

Getting customers will probably be the hardest part. I think I will start by focussing on internet (website, mailings) and mass-sendings of advertisements through the good ol' postal service.

In the far future I want to expand the whole thing on to website-sounds, corporate audio, tv-spot music and so on.
But I'll see what the future brings.

Any suggestions, thoughts?
Has someone of you done something similar?
Can you see any must-do's and big no-no's I should be aware of?
How do you think should I handle the pricing, what would YOU pay for a similar service?
From a technical view, what equipment do you think I NEED to have?
So far, everythings been basically doable with just loads of VSTs. Is there anything else you recommend?

Thanks guys!

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