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Originally Posted by distressed_romeo
Having to teach really sucks when you're feeling like that. I once had to take a lesson having not slept in two days...
Yeah, it royally sucks and I hate when I do get into those moods. I'm human and far from being perfect. I don't know what else to do? I especially hate it when I have to teach someone in the next hour and I honestly have no will or patience. There have been times when I have gone ahead and cancelled a session to the next day because I just don't have it in me to focus. And frankly, that is completely unfair to that student. They deserve 100% out of me and nothing less.

I truly hate it when I do that though, but I feel, I would be ripping off someone the opportunity of being with me for the hour to learn, and then, feel like a bigger .... for getting paid for it..and that's not right. So when that happens, I tend to move the session date to another day, like, the day after.

Doesn't happen to often, thank god, but when it does, it ....s me up in a vicious way. As for myself, I tend to suck it up, have a good cry and whale the .... out of my amp and guitar for about 90 minutes. Release whatever is in me and then..... the next day, I can honestly sit down and play with pure enjoyment.

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