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Originally Posted by zimbloth
If you want a Blade Grey one, I might be able to get one for you on the cheap (mint condition), I know someone who has one.
I'd appreciate it if you could make enquiries about that one for me please dude!
Thanks for the feedback on the U-Bar too.

I'm not quite ready cash-wise quite yet but i'm gonna' sell my SG on ebay hopefully next week and then i'll be sorted (it's one more 6 string than i need really!).
I was gonna' buy a brand-new 1527 (even though i'm no fan of the Edge-Pro) but if i could get a K7 for a good price i'd much prefer that.
I like the low-end you get from a mahogany body and i love the necks on those K7's too.The deciding point has to be the fact that it's the only production Ibanez that has a Lo-Pro on it (the BEST locking trem ever AFAIK!).
If you could let me know how much the guy wants for it that would be much appreciated.
Thanks man
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