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I play drums!
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Video of me & my 8 string + drum vid!

I decided to make a clip of this thing ive been working on for about a week and a half now. Im a much better drummer than guitarist but it took me a hell of a lot longer to record a drum clip that was good enough. I tried to get it as perfect as possible. For some reason, I kept rushing the part at the end, and take after take, I wasn't getting better. it sounded fine while i was playing, but I discovered how much Id rushed when id go back and listen to it. if i had a way to record my real drums, things would be a lot tighter, i promise . hard rubber pads are barely an adequate substitute for the real thing.

i finalized the mix in sony acid studio but i dont have an interface so i recorded everything on my boss micro BR and exported one track at a time. thats about the best guitar tone i can get. im using the cab simulation out on my digitech metal master dist pedal going into an old jackson jx-3 on which i also use the cab simul out. im still new to recording and im in the process of learning how to add life to everything. Dont know where I got the idea for the weird .... at the end, but i think it adds a little spunk to it. sorry that im not that exciting to watch. I did over 30 takes on the drums so i stopped trying to ham it up and just concentrated harder. hope you all enjoy!

haha i dont know how to embed, so here's teh links



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