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Originally Posted by m13os86 View Post
I did a little research on the "Jacarandá" fretboard, thought it was kind of interesting.
"The name [Jacaranda] is also applied to several tree species of the genera Machaerium and Dalbergia in the pea family, the sources of commercial rosewood."

Sounds way more badass than "rosewood"
Just a point about the woods ...
The real "Jacaranda" loved by luthiers is the Dalbergia, that is called " Brazilian Rosewood" or " Jacaranda da Bahia", just ask the classic guitar players ... others are others, but you have the Indian Rosewood ....
The Cedar that Leandro said doesn´t have anything with the North America Cedar, with is coniferous tree. The Cedar that where used is the Brazilian Red Cedar ( also wrong called Pinkwood ), more similar to mahogany ( but more bright) and to Australian Cedar ...
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