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Originally Posted by worstusernameever View Post
Misha just wondering.

For YOUR distortion in the song, what was the source?

i.e... was it an amp or axefx ... any dist pedals in the chain... mic'd or direct?

IIRC the album was tracked using the Axe-Fx Ultra direct.

Originally Posted by Colton165 View Post
so... how are some people getting shipping confirmation, and im curious as to whether it will ship before hand...

i also see them before the album comes out, so i have nothing to get signed. lol.
The merchandising company is just printing the shipping labels for the orders which, in the case of USPS anyways, sends out an email to you showing the order has "shipped" with the USPS tracking number. If you actually hit the USPS tracking page, nothing has gone out yet. They will most likely NOT ship before the release date, and if they do it will probably be just so the packages show up on/near the release date.

Somebody on here posted that they've preordered through this merchandise company before and this is what happened then too and the shipment didn't go out early.

It's a surprise

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