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Originally Posted by Uncle Remus View Post
Since when did God need the Polish government to punish people for him and decide what is and what's not offensive to thier religion?

Since the Polish government decided they should believe a giant invisible spaceman.

From a philosophical view, I can't understand organized religion. There are far better ways to explain our universe now, but people still cling to a system based on superstition and ritual. However, there are people that are quite close to me with whom I have had disagreements on religion, and we ended up realizing that I never contemplate divinity, as I can explain anything with observable evidence and testable hypotheses (or, if I can't, I can look it up), and they couldn't think of the universe without wondering if there was some mysterious cosmic overlord in charge of it all. In other words, I don't ask myself "Is there a god?". That seems to be the main difference between theists and empiricists, in my experience. I don't worry about it, I sleep better at night. Everybody should do their self a favor and take a couple classes in geography and astronomy.

Now, as Poland has been Catholic since it was hip, I don't think they're going to change and let Nergal go. It does suck, but there are many unreasonable governments in the world. What bothers me is that they have a law that allows somebody to be arrested if they hurt somebody else's feelings - even if it is entirely indirect, and dependent on the victim's interpretation. Wow, let's lock up every twelve-year-old in Poland. Of course, I'm sure that there is a huge double standard here. I'd like to see Nergal try to bring charges against the publisher of that particular book he tore.

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