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I have an injury to my left hand, it was crushed under a plastic injection mold that fell off a pallet. Only my left ringer was damaged miraculously, but it's pretty useless, and is frozen straight at the knuckle; It was supposed to have been 'repaired'.

With that said, I play fine with 3 fingers now. Physical therapy is not going to teach how to play after they re-break it etc.-That won't be their goal. yours, not theirs. Theirs will be to get the most overall function out of it with the least amount of nerve issues, that doesn't necessarily mean guitar. Tendons are in a kind of sheath, and slide within them, sever them or have too much scar tissue build up around them, forget about playing. You may not be able to sweep as well as you used to, but alot of it sounds like you are older now and out of practice. Surgery sounds like a big 'if', man.

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