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So far between the Jackson SLAT3-7, the Agile Interceptro Pro 727, and the Hellraiser C-7 FR that I've had, I liked the finish on the guitar and the feel of the neck on the SLAT3 the most.

The hellraiser to me had the most crunch with the heaviest sound. I also like how the hellraiser has two volumes. But the neck, I know its an "ultra-access heel", but it always felt like I was bumping up against something when I hit anything on fret 22-24.

The agile had the best price, given it was the only one of those 3 with an ebony fretboard to boot, but I think I would rather have a veneer than the microwave maple top they put on the one I had.

I will try to post more pics and a review after I get a new floyd intonation tool.
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