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Is h=my hand screwed for life? (practice question)

ok, im 33. when i was 14 i fell off my skateboard and fractured my biggie. doctor wraps it in an ace bandage and a splint and tells me to stay off the skateboard and dont lift anything for 6 weeks. so what do i do as a 14 year old dumb ass kid? i go out the very next dayon my skateboard after removing the ace bandage and splint . what do i do not even 5 minutes later. yup, FALL. so i watch my arm that was fractured bend on impact as instincts take over and i try to catch myself with the fractured arm instead of landing on my face. well i couldnt tell my mom cuz she left work to take me to the e.r. the day before. fast forward about 20 years and i still have a bent arm.its not like retard bent but if i show you, you can tell. i do have pics but dont feel like posting. my problem is this. i quit playing guitar for about 13 years. now when i practice my sweep picking (used to be good at it, now im horrible) for about 15 minutes i loose control of my fingers.i can still chord decent but i cant control small things like a 5 string sweep. its like they dont want to move or go the wrong way. i dont remember this happening when i was a teen. of course i dont remember getting out of breathe, getting tired, or having a sore back wither. my question is how long can you sweep for at various speeds. i doo about 3-4 different scales while im practicing. and when you get tired do you just slow down? get sore? or do you loose finger control also? sorry for the long read but i feel some back ground info was needed.

just to save myself from the "pics or it didnt happen"

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