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You know, we have a dude named spins on Jemsite who has been waiting longer than 3 years from Woods. Woods sent him an e-mail thanking him for all the .... spins has said about him as apparently Woods is telling potential customers that spins in crazy and that he'd never do that to them.

Here's spins' post from Jemsite unedited:
************************************************** ***************
Hey i finally got some correspondence from Chris, this is how he treats people, after he has ripped them off, he is such a classy, stand up type of guy. Remember guys dont be upset if the guitar is broken we wouldnt want him to be offended..I really should take him up on the commission part, at least till i get my money back, heres his latest email, im sure he will come back bashing me again...blah blah blah, like ive said before until i get my $850 USD i wont stop

Just thought I'd let you know that I stopped by the forum today for the first time in about a year and see that you are still out there "promoting" my ****. I know you're an ignoranus (someone who is both stupid and an *******), but someday you will learn that the best way to hurt me would be to do NOTHING. Have them lock my forum and let me disappear into page 36 where no one will find it. Out of the 500+ bodies I've sold on **** since January, most of them are members. They all say the same thing......

"I saw your thread. I really like your stuff. You must have really pissed that spins guy off. I'm a little nervous about buying directly from you. Can I buy from you through **** (I'm sure they are thinking, can I buy from you on **** LIKE SPINS says)?"

I then explain to them that "Spins is a moron." If you read all the way through the forum you'll see that he owns 2 of my guitars that he loves. So not only is he a moron, but he's also a hippocrit. Then they laugh a little... agree that your a moron..... then buy my stuff via ****.

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight, and try to keep my name in the top 5 topics. I can't hardly ask for better advertising. You're even smart enough to let them know they can buy my stuff on ****.

Keep driving those buyers to my website.

Thanks again,


P.S. I should send you commission for all the stuff you sell for me. I've slipped down to like #4 topic. If you could go and add some stuff to bring me back to the top I would greatly appreciate it. I won't be checking back for another year or so, but like I said, I greatly appreciate it.
************************************************** ***********************
So there you go.

I also have learned a 'hippocrit' is a critical hit worthy of being defined as Hippopotamus-like. It is a gargantuan damage hit and is usually a crit of over 9000 damage dealt.


Guild Mate: How much, man?

WoW Nerd(1): Over 9000!!!


Woods should pay spins his 850 if he's driving so much alleged business to him.
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