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Remember when Slipknot first came out (along with the whole ''Nu-metal'' hype)? Remember how many people ripped on Mick Thomson and Jim Root for being 3 chord wonders with no ability to play the guitar what-so-ever?

Remember that when they actually started showing what they can do, techniques wise, most of those people shut up?

Not every band requires technical and intricate lead guitars. If it did, then every band out there might as well be called ''Born of Osiris'' or any of the bands that base their music around these things (and mind you I am a big fan of BoO).

I don't think Emmure is an awesome band, but I don't think they suck either. I like some of their rhytm parts, sometimes simple riffs can be very effective and they seem to handle that well. I just wish they moved away a little from the dissonant sounds but I'm pretty sure they'll grow over the years.
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