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Originally Posted by darren View Post
Maybe give the fretboard a light sanding to get the oil finish off, then try again on bare wood.

Also, you may want to consider stripping the fretboard with a lacquer stripper. Though, make sure to find one that won't destroy your inlays. Read the back label.

Then properly condition the board with pre-stain conditioner, apply a thick coat of oil based stain. Let it sit over night, and then clean off the excess in the morning. You should be able to just wipe off the excess with some paper towels, and that goes for the inlays as well.

Originally Posted by sPliNtEr_777 View Post
this was my first instinct too, but its something I personally would think twice about. afterall if you sand over the inlays theyll lose the glass like finish of the MOP and be covered in loads of little scratches, itll then take about 12 hours of sanding and polishing to put them right... plus itll be a bastard to sand around them
Actually, as long as you go over them with a little steel wool they'll shine right up. Worked for me when I re-dotted my RG7620, and didn't effect the pyramids on my UV777PBK.

You forget that they radius sand the fretboard with the inlays installed at the factory when they make the guitar.

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