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NGD: A red guitar! (lots of failed pics!)

A little over a week late, but here it is!

As usual, the package appears on the floor.

...and as usual, that justifies an official inspection by the cats.

Enough! Scram you two! Go practice your ninja-skills in hiding or something.

Valiant effort....

But you still are in need of more training. Your big sister has not yet been found. Now go practice some more and become as good as her!

Now I on the other hand, have skills of the other kind.

...once a sealed package.

And with the good 'ole Hiten Mitsurugi-style the whole case jumps out of the package by itself. You see, kittie? that's how it is done!

Opening the case reveals some nice packaging and bubblewrap.

Removing the bubblewrap and the guitar jumps right on the chair to be photographed, what an attention whore of guitar that i got

When i ordered this attention seeker of mine, it was as a semi-custom back in August. Apparantly, the specs that i ordered where popular enough for it to become the "Septor 828 Tribal Red" model. Or Kurt simply thought that i was creative genius when i selected the specs that was provided. My ego aside, the specs are the following:

Guitar model: Agile Septor 8
Body wood: Mahogany body
Neck wood: 3 piece bolt-on neck
Top: Flame maple quilt
Color: Tribal Red
Fretboard wood: Rosewood
Neck Scale 28.625"
Bridge: Agile String-thru (looks a lot like Hipshot)
Headstock: Reverse Septor headstock
Pickups: Cepheus Alpha on bridge, Cepheus Beta on neck
Tuners: Grovers

"Hey there big-buddy. Wanna play and fool around with me for a while?"

...or atleast that's what i thought that the guitar was trying to say to me.

Bridge-angle shot with light.

Tried to replicate the same shot, but with natural light, and failed

Headstock, yummie!

Yup, looks like a long trip to down there!

Another failed shot. I tried to take photograph to show how low the action was, *sigh*

But that neck man, it is really tiny! Almost as thin as my Ibanez 7-string.

Quite comfy actually, but it takes a while to get used to though. The Wizard II-neck really spoils you.

One last shot of the headstock. Damn, that thing is nice. Attention-whoreness, approved!

Without going into too much detail, the guitar is great, worth every penny that i payed for it and the pickups are really great for being stock pickups. It is not "quickly, i have to install some Q-tuners/BKP/Lundgrens, NAO!" Rather more like those pickupbrands mentioned being the only ones better than the Cepheuses.

I would also like to thank Kurt again for his amazing customer service. Highly recommended

Now if you excuse me, but i have to go back and give this baby its undivided attention that it craves. Thanks for watching!
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