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According to Nick at AxePalace (the dealer I am using), apparently Bernie and him were discussing the build, but Bernie was unaware of exactly what my shape looked like until he stumbled upon the thread. Ergo, the problem at hand.

Originally Posted by LOUDONE View Post
I'm glad Bernie would never build such a guitar... Too close to a Mockingbird... Your design looks sort of like something that "Carlino" guy would do... Jackson Kelly here, Mockingbird there... ..In Carlino's case I think it's a mockingbird and Iceman mix... If you want a Mockingbird, buy a Mockingbird... Bernie is not raining on anyone's parade... It's his name that goes on these quality guitars... Rico Jr. guitars has nothing to do w/ BC Rich...
I don't want a mockingbird, I don't even like the mockingbird shape. I see the similarities, but it was not on my mind when I first saw it.
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