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Your week in review- Good Or Bad

So upon this weeks events I have done a lot of reflecting and thinking. How can small bad or good things turn into huge bad or good things in a period of 7 days.

This week has been one of those weeks in which I have turned around and just thought man if there is a god or higher power or if its fate I have had some of both sides.

Ill start with the good. Well Im moving out, getting my own place closer to work. My Grandfather was cleared of cancer this week and I may have a bit of a promotion coming up at work and possible future business plans with close friends regarding a recording studio in the near future.

Now the bad things. My relationship with my Mum has been steadily crumbling at my feet. My parents arent divorced, I have 2 brothers and a sister but I am a scapgoat for alot of the bad things in between my parents. This week marked the shattering of the relationship with her and thats why I am moving out.

I find out some horrible things about my relationship with my girlfriend. I promised her not to disclose them until we are certain. and this morning her grandmother passed away.

So Im here to ask everyone its an open discussion about the good and the bad things that have happened in your life recently within the time period of 7 days.
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