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To get a little more familiar with the claims being lobbed here, I decided to watch the movies and list all of them below:
  • Encouragement to work faster, including being "harassed" by middle management
  • Being covered in sawdust after sanding all day
  • Dust masks having to be used repeatedly
  • No windows/natural sunlight on the factory floor
  • Semi-mandatory or unexpected overtime
  • Raises for some people over others
  • Requiring overtime to make up for poor performance/delivery
  • Lying about the financial situation of the company (hearsay)
  • Training workers to eventually shave away jobs from the original facility
  • Importing half assembled products to cut down cost necessary employment
  • Unexpected layoffs
  • Firing people for establishing/participating in union activities
  • Refusing to give jobs back to people who incidentally signed them away in a 'circulating suspension'
  • Union rally that goes unheard or fails to spurn changes
  • Scolding workers for accidentally damaging or destroying their products
  • Closing factories and moving jobs overseas
  • Not paying workers enough
  • False claims of bankruptcy

Maybe I'm being overly cold here but, minus the claims that don't have a lot backing them up, what of these isn't true about several factories and large corporations in this country? I know a few close friends that work in factories or distribution warehouses who claim these things and worse.

Also, apparently they decided to villainize the owner by mentioning that he's one of the 120 richest people in South Korea. That doesn't doesn't exactly sound like Boss Tweed to me. On top of that, I'd venture to guess that the condition in the factories that the 119 richer South Koreans are running aren't much better, if at all. But that's a guess.

Lastly, the protesters. From what I'm seeing, these aren't even workers who want better treatment or standards... but people who no longer work there and want their jobs back...? Doesn't exactly sound like the kind of job that's worth sitting on top of a high-voltage radio tower or SETTING YOURSELF ON ....ING FIRE to get back.

In all honesty, I might be missing something completely here, so I'd like to hear some advocacy in their favor because I just don't get it right now

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