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Avoid Beyond Eleven at all costs - get a price match elsewhere!

Previously, I had ordered from Beyond Eleven twice with satisfactory service; as a result of these two well-handled orders, I did not hesitate to place a third order with them.

My last order with Beyond Eleven was a nightmare. Initial delays prompted me to question the status of my order. After several phone calls with Ty left me uncertain what the hangup was, I tried e-mail. While my e-mail was answered somewhat more thoroughly by James, I was still not seeing the type of results that reflect good customer service as typified by small businesses that care. I'm sure there's somebody somewhere who would love to know that James offered to cancel my order and refund my money when I questioned the delay.

Ty tried to tell me that the order confirmation clearly states that it will take 7-14 days to process my order. The site clearly states: Free Shipping (7-14 Days). The implication is that once the order leaves the warehouse, it may take 7-14 days to arrive. It also clearly states: Usually Ships in 24 Hours.

Ty also attempted to tell me that it's like this with most online retailers. Bull. I do frequent and repeat business with many online retailers. Not one of them takes two weeks to process an order.

Ty was unable to explain to me why it would take my order so long to be processed. I can only assume this is an indication that he is not equipped with the knowledge and information he needs to do his job effectively. Obviously he is unfamiliar with their ordering system and not adequately prepared to answer customers' questions.

James was able to offer some explanation: the reason the shipping is free is that they are batching orders to save money. The website offers no clear explanation of this, stating on most products, "Usually ships in 24 hours," while "Free Shipping" is described as 7-14 days. What they mean, but don't say, is that they may take 7-14 days to even process your order before it is shipped. A little clarification would go a long way here.

Further, this time, things have been more in line with the other negative reviews found on the web. I ordered a set of Gotoh Delta 510 Locking Guitar Tuners (3x3) with Hardware 21:1, in chrome - part TK 7237-010; when my order arrived, I found that I had received the wrong tuners - they sent me non-locking 18:1 Gotoh 510s, part TK 7273-010. I immediately called, and spoke with Bob; he was helpful, moreso than Ty or James. I was sent a shipping label, and instructed to re-pack the parts and drop them at a UPS store. While I would've hoped that they would process the order expeditiously and do what was needed to make this right, they never did ship my correct order. Also disturbing to me is that they entirely failed to keep me informed of the status of my order.

In the end, my order was cancelled and my money refunded - although this was done without my prior knowledge - and I ordered the parts through Guitar Center.

The shame here is that in todays economy, businesses like this cannot afford to have dissatisfied customers ranting all over the web about poor service.With extremely competitive pricing and a fair selection of products, they have potential to do so much better, but one has to wonder if the proliferation of negative reviews may be impacting the volume of business they do.

My first order in May was 252132; my second order in June was 252188, this order was 253154. Thats roughly 1000 orders in 5 months, or an average of just over six orders per day. I would say Beyond Eleven is not likely moving enough volume in straight inventory stock to be able to afford the results of bad customer service.
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