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Just looked him up lol. I've seen his work before. Maybe subconsciously I used him as an influence? lmao.

I did that after a band practice with a band I used to be in called Metagore. Old-school death metal (al la Suffocation) with some grind/crust influence. HEAVY stuff. We got polluted drunk. I had a screwdriver, duct tape and orange spray paint. What do I do when I'm hammered? Take my .... apart and paint, then spend an hour trying to put it back together.

At least I knew to take the speakers out before I painted it. Still proud of myself for that one. lol

My EQ and Rocktron.

The EQ is out of my rack now, going to a higher quality, 16-band or something.

Anybody have any experience with the Rocktron Chameleons? Thats the only one I've ever seen, got it at a pawn shop a few months ago for like $20. Works well, but needs to be cleaned.

Just wondering if anybody has any experience with them, and if they liked them, or what there worth.

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