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Here are the details of the other 8 custom shop builds I have coming this month:

ASAT Classic Clear Forest Green w/ Maple FB (Natural Binding) ...$1395.00
ASAT Classic Royal Purple w/ Maple FB (Pearloid Pickguard) ... $1235.00
ASAT Deluxe Red Burst Flame Top w/ Ebony FB (Fixed) ... $1985.00
ASAT Deluxe Cherry Burst Quilt Top w/ Ebony FB (Fixed) ... $1975.00
Invader Deluxe Clear Orange Flame Top w/ Ebony FB (Original Floyd Rose) ... $1875.00
Invader Silver Metallic w/ Ebony FB (Original Floyd Rose) ... $1685.00
Invader Black Satin w/ Ebony FB (Fixed) ... $1795.00
Invader XL Deluxe Blue Burst w/ Maple FB (Fixed) ...$1825.00

*Swamp Ash body on Invader models and the 'Clear Forest Green' ASAT Classic
*Mahogany body on all ASAT Deluxe & Invader Deluxe models
*Alder body on 'Metallic Purple' ASAT Classic

...with more to come if I feel like ordering more of if any customers want to special order something

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