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Strange question about using multiple preamps simultaneously

howdy fellow members,

i gotta strange idea in the middle of the night about how i can get the most of what i have without having to choose between one tone or the other kind of deal. basically if i have a dual channel pwer amp, but want to use two preamps (actually two guitar heads) into a morley AB switcher to combine the two preamps and then go into Channel 1 of the pwer amp for lead and rhythm tones, and my pod x3 into channel 2 of power amp for cleans, then two cabinets one dirty and one clean

I mean in the end i may not even use both heads at the same time, but at least if i am able to switch between heads when i am in the mood for something different and not have to depend on two cabinets for each head. obviously the pod doesn't suit my needs for it's very well POD sounding hahaha but also keep in mind everyone that both my heads are solid state and not tubed so it's not mandatory to have a load in the speaker outs of the actual heads themselves. i am well aware that with tubed amps this setup wouldn't be possible, so i didn't want to scare anyone. to my knowledge it should be doable with solid state though. anyone ever try this or think it won't work? share your thoughts with me yall

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