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7 string Baritones
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Originally Posted by reptillion View Post
27 inch scale please
For Real!

26.5"-27.5", get me in there somewhere Carvin please, way over due on this. On six and seven string Carvins as an option.

I hate to say it but it does not appear Carvin is going to do any thing new on 7 strings? They have had the same model with two p-u and control choices for what now, 10 years? This while the 7 string market has grown without question. A good example in the interest is this forum! always has LOTS of people here and a lot of world wide membership.

Why Carvin does not go after this market a little more aggressively I don't know? Ultra V 7 string, X220 7 string, CT, CS and more would all be awesome especially given Carvins options. What worries me the most is the Carvin employee [in a position to know] who told me Carvin will "NEVER" offer a baritone scale guitar. But that person is not a Kiesel family member so there is always hope someone in the family will see the light or take the lead. I hope.

Also, +1 on the Loomis. I have had mine since the first were released and it is a great guitar, especially for the money. Being that it was one of the first production guitars, there was an issue with the frets. Both DCGL and Schecter took care of the problem super fast and without any runaround. Excellent customer service the only time I needed it. No problem with the guitar since.
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