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My first seven string, Agile, Carvin, or other?

I'm looking to join the sevenstring legion, and I have a few questions regarding the purchase of my first sevenstring.

I am aware that the Winter NAMM is arriving relatively soon, and that is really what's holding me off on making the decision to buy one now. What can I expect to see from guitar companies in regards to sevens? Should I wait to see what will be arriving?

I have seen around the forums here that people absolutely love Agile. I can understand why with the options offered with such low prices, but I was curious of the quality of the guitars, and if they genuinely feel like a quality guitar.

I have also been extremely curious of the Carvin DC727, and I have heard great things about it, but I have noticed that Carvin has been some new stuff to their options concerning this model, and I was wondering how much more is expected to come within the following year in regards to sevenstrings.

Thank you if you took the time to read my post, and thank you in advance for any advice, tips, or answers you are willing to give.
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