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Originally Posted by cycloptopus View Post
Hey, I'd say I have a similar issue and here is the link to the thread. I'd like to hear what you think.

I think that is part of my thinking. How different is too different? I feel like my band has created a basic style. Is one tune that is so different going to be a turn off to potential audiences? It's a turn off to me, but I want to be a team player. I'm already into being diverse, but that doesn't mean there aren't things I don't like. People have mentioned Dev Townsend's new album as proof you can be super diverse and still cool. i don't know where to, or if I should, draw a line...
I get what you mean dude, and i read your thread. By the sounds of it, your bandmates diversify in all different styles. My band is kind've the same but we diversify in all different sub genre's of metal. I think you should maybe do what we're doing and just make something YOU like. When i do this my bandmates instantly dig it, and then it ends up with me or my bassist throwing in some other riff that foolows the same key, but has a totally different musical element to it, but still stays in the metal genre. If you're bandmates dig and appreciate what you're contributing then obviously you should feel the same about what they give to the group. Also as selfish at it may sound, if you're not digging the way that things are going you should tell the band what's up and how you'd like it to go. And that'll end up working out two ways obviously. All you really need to remember is being in a band is about you enjoying yourself. If it's coming to be more of a bother to play the songs, the band isn't for you. That's my personal opinion anyway, and from what i've been told by people here.
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