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Reginald "Fieldy/Reggie" Arvizu (born November 2, 1969 in Bakersfield, California) is the bass guitar player for the band Korn.

Prior to Arvizu's time in Korn, he and Brian Welch, who would later become one of Korn's two guitarists (alongside James Shaffer), had played together in a number of bands, having become friends while still at school. Upon their graduation from high school, Arvizu, Welch, Shaffer, and drummer David Silveria relocated from Bakersfield to Los Angeles and formed L.A.P.D (the name first stood for "Love and Peace, Dude", but this abbreviation was later changed to "Laughing As People Die"). Although L.A.P.D. did succeed in signing a record deal, their success was limited until the band hired singer Jonathan Davis and changed their name to Korn.
The name "Fieldy" is said to have come about as an inside joke. Originally, his band mates called him "Gopher", due to his large cheeks. Gopher quickly became "Gar", Gar became "Garfield" (based on the comic strip character of the same name), and eventually "Gar" was dropped and a "y" was added to "Field", which became Fieldy. [1] His full moniker is "Fieldy Snuts", which when spoken aloud sounds like "feel these nuts".
He plays a 5-string Ibanez model SDGR SR5005, named the K-5, which is his signature bass.
His playing style consists of slapping, standard finger-style plucking, and left-hand muting; his standard tuning is: A, D, G, C, F. He states that Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers being the one of the main influences towards his playing style.
Fieldy is also one of the main songwriters in Korn. The majority of his bass riffs are hip-hop inspired. He says he gets inspiration from anything hip-hop. On the business side of Korn, Fieldy is responsible for all Korn merchandise, its buying and selling. He will come up with a number of designs, shows them to the band and they either approve or disapprove.



Fieldy in Italy 2008.
Ibanez Soundgear SR1305 5-string (Natural finish, Lollapalooza '97 bass)
Ibanez Soundgear SR1305 5-string (Maroon, w/ sand paper scratches on it)
Ibanez Soundgear SR885 5-string (black, woodstock '99, origin of K5)
Ibanez Soundgear 505's (Black w/ face scratched out & Natural)
Ibanez ATK305 (Amber/ash body)
Ibanez K5 TKF 5-String (Fieldy Signature/black & red)
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Now endorses Aguilar DB 750, two GS 410's.

K5 bass, the old model.

k5, the present model.

gear 1999.

yea, I`m a korn fan, have some problem with that!

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