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Originally Posted by FearFactoryDBCR View Post
Well i'm the only guitarist in the band so, most've the riffs are made by me and my friend always comes up with sweet little dynamic changes. What i'm thinking of though if we were to ever make an album or something i don't think people want to love one song and hate the other because it's so different. I really can't help it though. I have lots of different inspirations. And i can completely change the way i play after hearing one great song.
Sounds like a prog band But yeah I get what you mean, sometimes my stuff comes out djenty and weird, sometimes metalcore, sometimes grungy sometimes nu metal. Depends what I'm listening to. Its good in a way because I get subtle little changes in the overall way I play which ends up leading to my own style, but it also means if I listen to a band too much they take over my life
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