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That's pretty coolm and i know a lot of people dig that. Our influences are really just bands that get you to throw your head everywhere. So from FF to Coal Chamber to Cannibal Corpse. But i have that kind've thing that when i find one band i like i need the rest of their songs to keep the same style. Kind've why i love FF. Although Some albums are quite different. You KNOW how they'll sound. Whereas i show this riff to my friends who've played with me and they're like "Wow who's this". Rather than "Great Riff you've made man". I'm seeing it in a bad way. I don't know if i should.

Originally Posted by Ironbird666 View Post
Write what you want, don't try to stick yourself into one particular style. If the songs sound good, if you're happy with them, then who cares what genre it is. Stay true to yourselves and you'll be much happier with your music thanif you write to appease a certain audience. If your songs are good people will dig it.
Yeah man! We're writing what we're thinking which is true to ourselves. Bt i feel as though when we're listening we're like. "Do we wanna be associated with THAT type of metal?" I know it's bad, but it's that little voice in your head that always has something bad to say :/

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