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i know right? when i was tabbing the stuff, i was amazed at how many fourths he used, because at that speed they arent really that common. i wouldnt put it past him having improved most of the solos, then going back and learning a "replayable" version of them because some parts of that album are just wacked to .... lol. id tab one part like, this is genius, then the next measure, , then ! and then back to

phew, just took a huge smilie dump.

oh, and modern meat isnt as out there as you may think. i did my college jazz band for 5 years, and pretty much all of the chords therein were just jazz extensions, and the single line stuff is straight out of the bucky pizzarelli lick book. but he phrases them in free time which adds a nice fluid element to the music (there was no option for free time in GP5 so i had to make up time sigs). anywho, GET BACK TO PRACTICING.

some of you will be stoked to know, i just started tabbing WAVE OF BABIES i dont know how that track didnt make it onto the album, but it is SAVAGE. ive got about 2 min. of it done already, minus the solo. thoroughly at home is just gonna have to wait lol.

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