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Originally Posted by JesseTheMachine View Post
Get the RC7, if not just for the badass paint job
The sparkly black paint was the best thing about mine. (Note: Thread is about an RC7x, not Mr. Badass Paint Job RC7G )

I had an RC7x, alongside my current Loomis, and RG7620. The RC7x's neck felt a lot like the RG7620, and even the weight distribution was very similar. But I had to pick and it was the one to go, replaced by an Intrepid.

It felt a little 'cheap', and its specs are pretty different from Cooley's actual signature, the RC7G. Smaller frets, OFR (which dug into my forearm because of the body design- doesn't happen at all on the Loomis which also has OFR), neck not sunk as low into the body, basically most of the benefits that the RC7G provides were just not there- except for the cutaway. The RC7 guitars are based off the Ibanez guitars that Cooley used to play, and TBH, the Ibanez I have kills the RC7x IMO. And out of all these guitars, the Loomis is my favorite... which I suppose is close enough to a regular C7.

If you like how the neck feels, I'd recommend you keep what you've got. If you want an RC7x, get an RG7420/7620.

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