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Originally Posted by leonardo7 View Post
Haha! Nearly everything is missing something in basswood. I guess the Blaze is nice in my 1527 but still doesnt have what I want on the lows cause of the basswood. Im real curious about this pickup as well. Ive never played it. I wonder if it cleans up the lows on basswood for palm mutes and such, compared to a blaze in basswood. Also, for me it might not just be the basswood, it could be the lack of actives but thats why Ive been curious about the this pickup cause it seems like the hottest passive out there which I may like. Maybe they would be good for the RGD?
When we chill at some point, I'll bring my 7321FM with me, I have the X2N 7 in the bridge position.

It can scream, but it can also growl and snarl. It sounds awesome for FF style riffs, and also Meshuggah style riffs. The cleans I can get with it are really good, especially with my 5-way switch. SoundClick artist: BrandonAKJacobs - page with MP3 music downloads

I'll work on some new clips once I get some new strings, lemon oil, and fret polish.

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