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Originally Posted by Triple-J View Post
Awww man I'm gutted I never got a chance to see them as in the late 90's they just seemed to play festivals over here and one off London gigs but not actual tours.
On the last Pantera UK tour (2001 I think) I had the chance of a ticket but they had Satyricon and Powerman5000(remember them?!) as support so I figured I'd pass and check them out next time they toured the irony is it turned out to be their final tour ever plus I really like Satyricon now too!
Saw that London show. Musically they were great but Phil was drunk and spent way too much time babbling between songs. The rest of the band were visibly pissed off with him. Only other time I got to see them was Ozzfest 98, when they were awesome.

PM5000 and Satyricon were ....e, by the way, so you got that part right!

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