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Originally Posted by Sliggy View Post
Line-ins on amps always blow.
I agree and disagree on this. In one way it can be a lot easier taking the mic positioning out of the equation, which can (sometimes) lead to it sounding like a radio shack mic thrown at the end of a friggin cave. So in one respect direct can be useful for a lot of demo/EP stuff for those that aren't so experienced in the recording world. You know pretty much what you're getting.

On the other hand I see the blow opinion, lol. No matter what, I don't think it will ever quite capture how the preamp interacts with the power amp, how the power amp interacts with the speaker, how the speaker interacts with the mic and how proper mic technique can be magical in producing a really great guitar tone. IMO most direct sounds (for the time being) will sound about 80% of their full tone potential.

Bottom line:
Direct= microwave, it works and depending on the dish can taste good
Mic= home baked meal, if you know how to do it, it can be almost orgasmic.

"are there gonna be snacks? i heard there were gonna be snacks."
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