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Axe fx help - (need patch/IR's)


I am hoping some of you axe fx users would be willing to share some of your awesome patches with me. I just recently got an Axe FX Ultra and in addition to making my own patches, I am currently trying out as many patches as I can, tweaking things, and just seeing what tones I can get and how people create theirs and paying close attention to the details of everyone's patches. I am trying to learn this unit as thoroughly as possible, and the more help the better!

I am looking for mostly metal patches as I have been pretty successful at creating some cleans/ambient stuff. But anything would be cool Some good IR's would be cool too.

I would really like to get patches close to people like bulb/periphery, sliggy, slampop, chimpspanner. Mainly patches to use with my PRS SE Baritone (with BK painkillers) tuned down to F would be rad.

but anything and everything is definitely appreciated!

thanks in advance


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