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There seems to be some confusions regarding what is required when posting references.

Generally speaking a buyer will feel more secure if you provide them with more references of prior transactions. If you do not have much iTrader here ideally we would like you to post your own user name/s from eBay or any other forum that you have had successful online transactions. Some sellers choose to post the names of those they have had successful trades with if they do not have sufficient feedback here or elsewhere, if you do this please only list members with the statement "successful trades with" as it can become confusing otherwise.

If you are new to online selling (we all had to start somewhere) please do not leave the references blank otherwise your post will be deleted. All that is required is a simple statement that you are new to selling online and have no references. It does limit your chances of a sale but there are ways to make a potential buyer feel secure, the best is to limit your sale to local pickup, if you are going to post it accepting paypal with a credit card or using an escrow service are two ways that you can reassure the buyer that you are safe to deal with.
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