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Originally Posted by Sliggy View Post
An obvious step up from the last effort. Now that your ....'s not peaking I might be able to hear what's happening! Huge improvement though.

1. Kick still seems a little wet. It MIGHT still be clipping (can't say for sure) but I suspect there's just a little too much top end. Just needs some shaping, but that might be personal preference. It's certainly not a major problem.

2. I still think your snare is flawed. Try boosting some lower frequencies to fatten it up, or alternatively (and possibly better) you could roll of some highs and just turn the level up. Either way I think it needs some body. It needs more "snap" too but that could just be a volume issue. Have a tinker with it anyway.

3. Too much gain on your guitar tone. I don't think this point is personal preference, I think it's just a fact. When you're not playing anything your guitar is humming like crazy, and it just doesn't sound thick and juicy. Believe it or not thick juicy "Meshuggah / Bulb" tones have a very small amount of gain on them. Less gain = more smooth. Smooth tones are what you desire sir. You might roll off some top end too, or at least make a substantial cut where all that noise is.

4. Overheads are still pretty damn quiet. Listen to a Bulb track for some reference. Again, not trying to say you should make your mix the exact same, but just get an idea of where cymbals sound good. You'll be surprised at how much louder his are than you notice.

Your mix just needs some life, but I think a boosting of the overheads + some of these other points might help. Don't just go in and follow my advice exactly but maybe use some of this as a guideline and then do what YOU feel is best too. This is just how the song is striking me.
thanks, Sliggy, I'm not necessarily trying to go for a Bulb sound, though playing wise I'm approaching some of the riffs the same way) and I was trying to keep the overheads from overpowering the mix. and I dunno about the humming...

i have the noise gate up INSANELY high and it reads SILENT in the monitor, so i dunno where that hum is coming from...

the kick IS personal preference. i hate clicky overly tight sounding snares, i like a little of that "catching the head" sound, with a little extra carry on it.

and of course, the snare can be fixed, I was just trying to fix the loose/roomy feel that it has had since i first started using Metal foundry.
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