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Originally Posted by Antenna View Post
Dude I'm digging the tone, overall these are some good tracks keep it up!
Thanks man, not sure what we are going to do with the music now, whether its play it live or just sit on it. Lol.

Originally Posted by Cancer View Post
Unless this was on purpose then I tend to agree with the above. Other than that good stuff.
Not sure if it was or not! I didn't have much thought into the tone or mix. I just did all the drums and electronic stuff. :}

Originally Posted by Tyrant View Post
This kicked me in the balls!
Impressive doing 8 songs in a week, I cant even do 1 a month, lol. If Im in a good creative mode I might do one in 2 weeks. (its rare, lol)

Awsome dude
Haha awesome. We entered a bi-anual competition called Record Time. Its where the participants try to write a full length CD in 7 days. Lmao. It was intense. We started way later then we should have too.

thanks everyone!
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