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Originally Posted by 7slinger View Post
great looking rig

would it be possible to see some close up pics of the custom rack unit and the breakout box? how many cables do you actually run back and forth between your board and the rack?

vin30s in those mesa cabs?
Hey man yeah i have a closeup of the back of the interface from when I had it in my old rack. I dont have any closeups of the breakout box, but i made a crappy quality zoomed-in pic of it. In terms of cables from board to rack I run 2. One for my guitar signal, and one for the power/midi messages. And yeah, the cabs have V30s in them. Heres the pics:

Originally Posted by vlover View Post
Alright, alright, win!

Thats a sweet rig!

Do you have the FX from Axe-Fx set up like stompboxes to turn on and off, on the fly?
Yup, all the Instant Access switches on the FX-1 controller are setup for on/off functions of designated effects. The switches along the bottom of the controller are for program changes, so changing amp channels, settings and changing the entire patch in the axefx.

I recently disassembled my recording rig so I can't make proper recordings, but perhaps i'll record some videos of different effects settings and load them into youtube. What kinds of things would you guys want to hear so I have an idea?
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