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Anxiety is a difficult thing, especially when not handled correctly. It will only become worse if nothing is done. My brother, age 11, has severe anxiety (won't go into details) and refuses to see anybody about it. We once took him to a physiologist (not a psychiatrist) and he refused to talk to her. He literally spends every waking minute angry, frustrated, depressed, and an overall empty. One of the worst parts I have noticed is, when he does have his glimpses of happiness it almost seems abnormal. He is so over joyed by the happiness that he begins screaming of laughter causing somebody to tell him to quiet down starting his anger again.

Basically, my point is, see help now. Call somebody. It doesn't have to be a professional. I could be a relative, a friend, just anybody you are willing to vent to. IF that doesn't help see a psychiatrist. He will address your case and provide a solution (hopefully). I truly hope you get better.

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