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Originally Posted by Dormant
Bostjan, just on Bareknuckle Pickups there is no such thing as a Custom 7. All of their 7 string pickups are custom winds and if you like the sound of a particular pickup but would like more treble or more bass Tim will wind it accordingly. Additionally your list is far too short for them. Bareknuckle will produce ALL of their range in 7 string variants (apart from Tele neck pickups). That includes single coils. Therefore you can get the following 7 string humbuckers:

I'm just going off their old list. I can't find the url anymore, though.

Originally Posted by zimbloth
Don't forget the DiMarzio Petrucci pickups found on JP7s
I thought they were pretty much the same as the Blaze 7 and the Air Norton 7. Can you (or anyone) attest to the differences between them? Do you know the model numbers, too?

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